4Elements Media is excited to announce that we are expanding our Celebrity / Influencer and Blogger (aka C.I.B) profile within our company.

For the past 5 years we have worked directly with celebrity personalities, influencers, bloggers, talent agencies, and model agencies, to offer all our clients targeted and strategic celebrity endorsement and influencer campaigns.

So, we would love for you to join our community!

There is no joining fee involved, we will simply list you on our website and assist in connecting you with the right brands, should you fit their target profile. When you become a social influencer, your followers know they can trust the brands you represent.

To be eligible, influencers must have:

  • 4,000+ followers on Twitter – required
  • 4,000+ fans on Facebook – required
  • 4,000+ followers on Instagram – necessary for campaigns that involve Instagram
  • 500 subscribers on YouTube – necessary for campaigns that involve YouTube

Exceptions may be made on any of these items for someone who is demonstrating high growth.

To apply, please complete this easy two-step process:

Make sure you are following 4EM on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Submit this form to apply to be considered as a C.I.B. Candidate.
Influencers are accepted on an individual and rolling basis.

If you are a brand looking to partner with 4Elements Media and our influencers, email CIB@4Elementsmedia.com