Would you quit your job and travel the world?

Karolina Valeikaite and her boyfriend Marco Coppola did and they are living the dream!

Their picture-perfect photos from bright, sunny beaches and lush forests seem too good to be true, but that’s because Karolina is a professional. Having studied photography, she thought she might pursue a career in fashion. Instead, she opted to travel the world with her boyfriend Marco.

Judging by their combined almost 20,000 Instagram followers, it seems to be working out pretty well.

Karolina Valeikaite, originally from Lithuania, studied photography at Middlesex University in London. While working at a restaurant, she met her boyfriend, Marco Coppola. “My goal before was to work in the fashion industry, but then I rethought what I wanted to do,” she said.karolina-valeikaite-originally-from-lithuania-studied-photography-at-middlesex-university-in-london

Having never traveled outside of Europe, she decided that she wanted to see more of the world. “After living in London I felt like I wanted to experience something more,” she said. “I felt like I hadn’t found my home yet.” 

Coppola shared her love of travel and decided to join her. They both worked hard to save up for the epic trip.  “It was probably the saddest summer I’ve had because I didn’t go out, I didn’t do anything, I was just working,” she said. Together, they set out to Morocco and Southeast Asia. Along the way, Valeikaite puts her photography skills to good use. 


i-just-love-going-to-places-where-you-have-no-idea-what-to-expect-she-saidHer idyllic photos inspire envy and wanderlust in her Instagram followers, but not every moment of travel has been peaceful. But adventuring into the unknown is part of the fun. “I just love going to places where you have no idea what to expect,” she said. Now, they’re managing a resort in Cambodia. 

After working for a few months, they hope to continue on to the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

now-theyre-managing-a-resort-in-cambodiaTalk about couple goals!

4EM Founder, Lorinda Voges visited the couple in Koh Rong Cambodia and will be sharing more about them and their exquisite lives in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Article credit to BusinessInsider.com http://www.businessinsider.com/gorgeous-travel-photos-that-define-couple-goals-2016-12?op=0#/#talk-about-couple-goals-14