I’ve always been fascinated with the vastness of the world and the endless memories that traveling the world could create.

When I started 4Elements Media 6 years ago, I promised myself that working extremely hard should be rewarded by international traveling and discovering new places and cultures. I kept that promise to myself ever since.

The most exciting & most memorable times discovering new places was when I traveled alone. Sure, at first I was a bit scared traveling to a different country by myself. But, to me, growing old without experiencing everything you want from life is scarier.

Solo traveling gives me time to reflect, make plans and new promises to myself.

But I think as a solo female traveler, the greatest gift of traveling alone is the experience of ultimate freedom. I enjoy traveling without making plans. When I arrive to a place I discover it organically, asking for recommendations from locals and literally absorb every aspect of what that country or place offers me. I change my plans daily based on how I’m feeling, so much different from my day to day life throughout the year.

But perhaps the most important reason I’ve learned from this traveling journey is, is the ultimate and most essential part of any journey of isolation – personal growth. Yes, it’s corny, but the transformative effects are powerful, even more so when you’re flying solo.

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Written by 4EM Founder, Lorinda Voges.