We proudly announce that 4EM has been appointed as the retained PR Agency for international artist Ana Kuni.

Ana Kuni is a Ukrainian-born artist.

As a young girl, Ana would draw intricately detailed cakes and princesses on paper and this started her journey into the love of art. An early modelling career took Ana around the world where a lot of her artistic foundation was molded but a job 11 years ago brought her to Cape Town and Ana never left.

From the age of six, Ana went to art school in Ukraine, however, she has not had any formal training nor held any professional studies in art. This, however, never stopped her from learning and her travels in life introduced her to many teachers and established artists around the world, from whom she learned a number of skills and applications.

All of Ana’s art is created free-hand and many have said they feel huge energy in her pieces. Her work is dynamic and full of movement but also highly detailed, a huge task considering a lot of her work is done as massive murals.

Ana is best-known for her Warrior-Girl character, created to share her message of empowerment and independence and the creation of a non-competitive environment among all women. Close to Ana’s heart is the importance of helping and supporting one another throughout life. Her Warrior-Girl stands for strength, freedom, and unity for all women and Ana continues to paint her onto murals around the world, often in poorer, rural areas. By giving her Warrior-Girl life, Ana hopes to give a voice to those who’ve been without one for so long.

She’s also created bespoke denim jackets with detailed, hand-painted Warrior-Girls. In Ana’s eyes, when you wear her jackets, you become a Warrior-Girl yourself and an inspiration to those around you.

Her own inspiration stems from the teachings of mystic, guru and spiritual teacher, Osho, who shares and writes about what he believes makes us human. From this, Ana’s artwork aims to reflect what she describes as being a ‘conscious, compassionate and creative being living in harmony with the inner and outer world’.

The beauty of this message is how Ana interprets it for herself and she wants individuals to interpret her work using their own imagination by creating a metaphor that works for them and what they need in life.

Ana typically makes use of social media for engaging clients and promoting her work. For her, Instagram has become her personal gallery wall. Follow her @ana_kuni

“We are delighted to have Ana part of the 4EM client list. Her works has such vitality and strength that can easily change your mood and totally energise you. She is on a journey of constant improvement and self-discovery. She is the one to follow.” Says Lorinda Voges, Founder & CCO of 4Elements Media.

Ana will be hosting her first exhibition, KuniFrank Season 2, in March this year alongside Swedish photographer Linnea Frank at Orms Cape Town School of Photographer on 16 & 17 March 2017.


For more info on Ana Kuni, email Press@4elementsmedia.com