We proudly announce that 4Elements Media has been appointed to handle the PR and Social Media for the South African skin care brand Aloe Unique.

Get to know the better Aloe!

Aloe Unique combines the best of ancient and modern technology, and is the first range to blend vitamins with ecologically-harvested Aloe Ferox (Cape Aloe) plant ingredients. The brand is a family-run business with over 20 years’ experience in the aloe industry in South Africa. The brand has strong connections in Africa, and are creating links with markets in China, USA and Europe. Their aim is to deliver affordable and high-quality local skin care products to our market and worldwide.
Aloe Unique is environmentally and socially savvy too. The Aloe Ferox plant grows wild without pesticides or chemicals, the products are paraben and alcohol free and all containers are recyclable. These are very important factors in today’s beauty and skin care world. Harvested by local South Africans in Albertinia (‘The Home of the Aloe’) in the Western Cape, the brand is creating jobs and a sustainable future for the community and the environment.

Wild and indigenous, Aloe Ferox is one of nature’s strongest survivors, thriving and blooming for centuries despite the harsh, arid environment. Known for its incredible regenerative properties, Aloe Ferox has been a vital source of health and healing for centuries and contains twice as many amino acids as Aloe Vera.
CCO & Founder of 4EM, Lorinda Voges says: “It is fantastic to add a local skin care brand to our books. The skin care trends of late show that consumers want natural and paraben free products, so we believe this brand has a lot to offer consumers and we love their social responsibility commitments. This first-to-market range which combines vitamins with an Aloe-based skin care range, and the fact that they focus on the international and tourist market are both exciting points for us too.”

Experience the fabulous Ferox difference with Aloe Unique.
Allow your skin to thrive, regenerate and bloom with South Africa’s miracle plant, Aloe Ferox.

For a list of distributors or to shop online, visit www.AloeUnique.co.za

For more information about Aloe Unique, contact Lorinda Voges at Lorinda@4elementsmedia.com