Kumari Govender has always been a bit of a rebel when it comes to style and fashion; her imagination knows no boundaries. And that is why her designer pieces are a beautiful blend of Indian patterns, South African craftsmanship and Asian influences. 

“My debut in the world of stylish couture is all glitter, shimmer and pizzazz. From effervescent colours to luxurious fabrics to solid edgings of whimsical thread work, these kimonos and robes are much more than convenience wears. They epitomise glamour that is effortless. They stand for breaking away from tradition and giving voice to the vibrancy inside.” Kumari Govender

The kimono’s are purely Kumari’s signature style and a steal for anyone who appreciates the Style Society brand of fashion. The designs are conceptualised from scratch and the pieces are rich in fine details.

Limited edition | Handmade in South Africa