Many of us are slaves to our phones, tablets, laptops etc. When we are not working on them, we are busy surfing Facebook, Instagram and other social media that captivates our attention for hours.

Think about this for a second: How often do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook just before bed, thinking to yourself “I am just going to take a quick peek and then go to sleep.” 45 minutes later you find yourself 150 posts down the timeline of your childhood friend ‘Jason X’s’ page – thoroughly enthralled in a full history review of his life since last you saw him (which by the way was 15 years ago). So yes, you now know what happened in Jason X’s life, but was it really worth losing those 45 minutes that could have been better spent on relaxation and sleep?

With that being said, here are a few Simple Steps To Detach Yourself From Social Media:

  1. Stay clear of all social media before bedtime – the amount of data that social media provides is huge. Just think how much your brain is having to process as you scroll down the page. Because your brain is busy processing information, it is very active, which may impede your sleep – you are basically waking your brain up when you are browsing, which causes your mind to race. The bright light omitted from your phone, iPad or laptop also doesn’t help with sleep either. These interfaces emit blue light; nearly identical to the light you are exposed to outdoors during the day. This tricks your brain into thinking it is still day time, thereby shutting down melatonin secretion.
  2. Train yourself to use social media for the purpose it was originally intended –communication. Use social media to connect with friends, find events or businesses. Don’t spend hours stalking exes, old friends or current circles – it’s not healthy! If you are having trust issues with a partner, confront them face to face, stalking their social media activity, or hacking their accounts really isn’t going to solve any problems.
  3. Lastly, seek adventure outside of technology. Go for a hike, take a walk in your neighborhood, invite a friend out for lunch, cook for your loved ones, go to the spa, rest, meditate, go to the gym…stop living in a virtual world, get out there live your real life!


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