Pollution can dull your complexion and increase imperfections.
What to do:
 Clean oily to mixed skin with water; clean sensitive, dehydrated skin with micellar water. Choose treatments with active ingredients or textures that form a protective film to stop pollution from adhering to your skin.

Air-conditioning and heating both dry out the skin.
What to do: During your skincare routine, don’t rinse too aggressively with water and use a richer version of your favourite treatment.

Sun exposure causes dark spots and fine lines.
What to doProtect your skin by using Vichy IDEAL SOLEIL Velvety cream SPF 50+ with skin perfecting action and choose a highly nourishing treatment to fill in any fine lines caused by dehydration.
VP18226_rec_mainSmoking leads to dull complexion and dehydration.
What to do:
 Apply a scrub and a mask once or twice a week. Replace your current treatment with a IDEALIA BB Crème for an instant glow.

Shininess and imperfections.
What to do: Apply a scrub and purifying mask once or twice a week. Supplement your routine with a mattifying treatment, focusing particularly on the T zone.


Stress causes dehydration and drawn features.
What to do:
 It’s easy to say you should look after yourself… Consider compensation strategies that will boost your well-being, such as sport: activity eliminates toxins and encourages skin regeneration.


Words by Pascale Mora on vichy.co.za  (Pascale is in charge of Scientific Communication at Vichy).