International fashion brand, Diesel takes a stand against the assuming #flawless world that social media now seems to represent with their latest brand messaging, GO WITH THE FLAW!

To Diesel the perfect world is sooo BORING, who are YOU if you are not yourself?

In April 2017 globally Diesel ran with a very successful and award winning campaign called  MAKE LOVE NOT WALLS. Today, September 6th 2017, they are saying, “The news is not that we are launching a new campaign. The news is that we feel that this perfect world is boring, so we want the world to embrace their imperfections because they make us unique and allow us to stand out in a crowd, out of conformity.” It is well known that is brand has always challenged conformity, and we agree and support that the world should #GOWITHTHEFLAW, because perfection is sooo boring.

On September 5th 2017, the brand actioned the biggest thing they could do to stand by their new messaging, they went blank on Instagram. Their Instagram account @Diesel holds a following of 1.2million and now sits with 0 posts!

“We think perfection is boring, and especially on Instagram everybody seeks perfection. Perfect photo, perfect picture, perfect life.  And we are just tired of it. So we decided to delete everything for an imperfect new beginning” – Diesel global

The world wide launch is now official and the supporting video campaign is awesome. Directed by François Rousselet, who has created videos for Snoop Dogg, Madonna and The Rolling Stones, is the mastermind behind the GO WITH THE FLAW campaign. During the mini-movie Edith Piaf provocatively sings ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ as the cast embrace the uncomfortable of their everyday lives – and rise above, laughing.

We applaud this initiative. It is SO on point in today’s world. Indulge in your flaws, show them off, hug it out with some self-loving and take part in the #gowiththeflaw conversation on social media.