International skin care brand, La Roche-Posay launched a simple 3 step program to help real people make a real change when it comes to preventing skin cancer. The innovation paired with this skin cancer awareness drive is one-of-a-kind, a wearable UV Patch, and it launches this October in South Africa, so have a read and become sun smart this summer season.

Living in Africa we know that the sun is super harsh and that skin cancer is more common than any other cancer, yet we still push the safety boundaries to get bronzed and beautiful.The brand has worked with dermatologists to create a campaign to catch consumers attention. They knew it had to be fun, easy to understand and it must fit into the busy lives we all lead.

The brand has worked with dermatologists to create a campaign to catch consumers attention. They knew it had to be fun, easy to understand and it must fit into the busy lives we all lead.

They have executed their intentions perfectly and launched the #SaveYourSkin, it’s as simple as 1,2,3 with #MYUVPatch just in time for Summer. This sun safety drive powers the consumer with knowledge and education through easy practical steps to follow, and it triggers interest with the millennial age through the fun and tech-savvy #MyUVPatch app.

A quick guide through the steps & #MYUVPatch technology:


1.CHECK – YOUR MOLES EVEN MORE EFFECTIVELY AND EXHAUSTIVELY WITH SKIN CHECKER. Learn how and where to check your moles and always go for a professional screening by a dermatologist. Self-checking takes a little time, attention and knowledge. The new campaign highlights an adorable kitten and a Dalmatian to demonstrate how and where to conduct a thorough skin check…

2.PROTECT – YOUR SKIN WITH HIGH PROTECTION BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREENS ENGINEERED FOR ENJOYABLE AND PRACTICAL USE. When it comes to sun care products, this brand knows their stuff! a La Roche-Posay has been a pioneer in state-of-the art sun protection for over 30 years. Discover the full La Roche-Posay Anthelios sun care product range here.

Our favourite products? It has to be the Anthelios XL Tinted light weight Fluid and the Anthelios XL SPF50+ Comfort Lotion.

3.PLAY SAFER – IN THE SUN WITH MY UV PATCH, THE REVOLUTIONARY WEARABLE “SUN-SAFE BEHAVIORAL” COACH. The aim and objective here? TO IMPROVE SUN SAFER BEHAVIOR AND MINIMIZE SUN BURN through a tool that was tailored to modern living, and free of charge! which is linked to an intuitive app which monitors sun exposure in real-time.

#MYUVPatch is a unique transparent adhesive containing photosensitive dyes that change colour when exposed to UV rays to indicate varying levels of sun exposure. The patch is ultra-thin, ultra-water resistant and adapted to sensitive skin, it can be worn on the back of the hand for up to 5 days.

Users scan the patch using the My UV Patch mobile app, download it for free from your app store, the app analyses the varying photosensitive dyes squares to determine the UV exposure level. Through a smart algorithm factoring in the user’s personal data – phototype, skin type, location and weather data – the app generates essential information on what behaviours to adopt and what protection to apply.

We are all aware of the dangers of sun exposure, yet studies show that very few of us religiously apply sun care products daily! This needs to change, so thank you La Roche-Posay for making sun-safe behaviour smarter and simpler with your incredible initiative.

Where can I get a #MyUVPatch?
Available whilst stocks last, from the month of October 2017, free with the purchase of any La Roche-Posay Anthelios product through Dermastore or Skinmiles and select Dis-Chem pharmacies.