We work with a large array of consumer products and brands: anything from Lifestyle to Premium to highly technological products


We push our brands through the barriers they need to break in order to be established competitors in the travel environment


Our fashion and home division reaches out to anyone from corporate giants to small start-up ideas conceptualised by up-and- coming designers


Our beauty division can help tackle any task, whether for a well-established or for a up-and- coming beauty brands or already established companies


We are the division you turn to when you are competing against hundreds of other brands in the food and beverage sector


Our sports division covers everything from hailed celebrities to athletes breaking into professionalism, from the latest sports designers to footwear


We focus on both progressing both well-renowned brands, as well as brands hoping to pick up the pace and step up the scale of their game


Branding is not simply something that goes with massive companies who make millions; it is as much of a necessity to non-profit organisations as it is to the big players


Whether they seek to simply expand their marketing communications or media placements, whether, or simply looking for extra opinions, we are ready.

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We help consumer products and brands create their own uniquely powerful relationships with their client base.

We like to refrain from being just another machine that leaves your client base feeling disconnected or like they are just another number.

The amazing people working in our consumer division know how to communicate with their consumers in a way that makes them feel welcome and at ease. We take pride in our ability to approach every customer in the way they should be approached.

We simply start off by creating a unique tone for your brand that allows us to firmly establish what sets your messaging apart from others. This in turn helps us develop the necessary approaches which allow your consumers to remain informed as well as personally connected.

We are very focused on providing a way for consumers to stay connected and in touch with the brand.

The simplest way of course is to pay attention to what the consumers need and want.


The traveling community of today has access to more information than they could possibly use.

We help brands reach their target audience so the consumers are always aware of where they can go from where they are.

We allow brands not only to introduce their audience to new destinations of travel, but also give them the ability to keep their consumers informed about the kickoff of new properties or promotions.

We are firm believers in the fact that we know how to capture the attention of your audience so as to help you further your standing within the travel and hospitality brand market.

We provide our clientele with constant publicity as well as opportunities to remain educated in the necessary areas of expertise when it comes to their consumers. We aim to help our clients reach new

areas of publicity. Why remain in travel when we can get you into lifestyle, digital, or even business? Our clients know how to approach their consumers and they know that sometimes the unorthodox approach works even better than a normal one.

We guide them on the necessary route they wish to take so as to help them reach the pinnacle of their ambitions.


When approaching lifestyle brands, the one thing to remember is that seeing is indeed believing. Consumers talk, and it is of utmost importance to have them talk about your brand and how amazing their experience with it is. The easiest way to do this is by making them aware of your existence and showing them who you are, not just telling them.

Our fashion and home division knows how to speak to your client base. Whether it relates to informing them about an up-and- coming range, creating ideas to help you reach the peak of a certain category, or simply helping you make your clients talk about your brand. We know how to do it.

An important thing to note when approaching any brand is that the most powerful brands carry the best stories. They are unique. They are not simply just another book in the shelf and they have found a way to elevate themselves above the competition by creating a persona that consumers can relate to, be it in a fun, personal, quirky, or serious manner. We help you bring your persona to life, as well as helping you stay in the game by providing the necessary assistance for you to stay in the mind of your clients.

Anything from niche markets to more general markets, men’s clothing to women’s clothing. We do it all.


Beauty brands are constantly fighting for survival as advertising has recently been making a massive shift from magazines and newspapers to the digital medium of blogs, videos, and online adverts. We know how to work with this as we are constantly adapting to the latest ways of advertising so we can remain relevant to our clientele. We do not simply inform people about your brand, but rather create an ongoing relationship between consumer, retailers, figures of influence, and the brand. Staying connected to your client-base on a professional and personal level is of utmost importance, and we have the necessary know-how to help you maintain this connection.

We tackle every task with relevant and adapting strategies so as to better engage the consumers with the beauty products, services, and companies they need to know about. We are constantly aware of the necessary creativity required, regardless of the task; be it for media relations or events, social media marketing, or brand partnerships. We will help you create a lasting brand-specific impression on your audience by captivating them with our unique approaches.

What better way to understand the consumers than having a team of people who indulge into the world of beauty brands themselves? Our staff is experienced as well as connected enough to help you with whatever you need to have done, simply because they understand the brands as well as the consumers, because they too have personal connections with it.

We thrive on bringing forth results, whether it is an older brand looking at rebranding, a less well-known brand trying to fight its way into the limelight, or introducing brands to countries outside of their already-established reach. We know how to make a good impression, and with our help you will be making a big impact in no time.


Being in competition with hundreds of emerging and already-established brands within the food and beverage sector, we give you the necessary toolset to become not just another clone in the market, but rather a powerfully unique brand capable of standing on its own.

With the competition being rather intense, we know how important it is to make your brand stand out.

We help with anything from launching new products, to making sure well-established products remain relevant and ahead of their competition. Whether we need to help you increase sales, dive into a new market altogether, or simply ensure more media coverage, we’ve got you covered.


In a market flooded with sports brands, everyone has their own opinion regarding who does it better, and our job is to put you on the list. Endorsing professionals or simply utilising proper product placement is something we are well versed in and through this we help your brand reach its desired target market.

From celebrities to the people exhuming a lot of influential power, to reputable and up-and- coming fashion designers alike, we open up a whole new line of contacts to our clients. We’ve helped simple and massive brands, a wide range of products, as well as noteworthy causes reach its target market and its ambitions through our range of influencers.

We do everything from celebrity branding to organising fashion shows, from strategic product placement to art exhibitions to VIP events. We provide you with the necessary ammo to launch your brand straight into the big leagues.


We have more than enough faith in our understanding of the health communications sector. We pride ourselves on our expertise to help brands excel with effective strategies as well as helping them build meaningful relationships with their clients.

We have a firm grasp of how every situation needs to be approached, and as such always come up with innovative ways to help any brand succeed in their leap of faith through hard work and due diligence.

Daily contact with the media, as well as furthering or building relationships between brand and health care professionals for already-established brands and up-and- coming brands alike, our network of health experts, and a solid understanding of the regulatory issues at hand, help us help you.


Since social media has risen to become one of the most popular advertising platforms, the way stakeholders view and interact with non-profit organisations and organisations in general, have changed. It has become extremely important to know how to approach social engagement as well as non-profit marketing. Communicating with your audience as well as using activations have never been as important as it is today.

It has become very important to have a signature of sorts; your own unique approach to a market that relies more on outside support than any other.

It has been proven that non-profit organisations can no longer only rely on standing for a social issue or participating in the normal ways of fundraising. In order to find donours and stakeholders, individual and corporate alike, it has become necessary for successful non-profit organisations to hold on to their core purpose and inform people about it in as many ways as possible. This is where we come in.


In order for us to help you, we have mastered the art of understanding what really moves a business.

We cover start-ups to already-established companies and our attention to detail along with our intelligible approaches to what their public relations require is what we do best. Finding your way around the intricate world of business communications in an era ruled by digital, can be an extremely taxing thing to attempt.

We help to solidify your reputation as well as firmly communicating key concepts regarding your business. We help create a brand that is not only positive in its own personality, but also accepted for its confidence by its clients. We are always at the forefront of managing shareholder expectations through innovation and proper planning.

Whether the task at hand is to convey intricate messages to a wide array of audiences, or building up your brand across multiple marketing sectors, we have always had good results. We are always one step ahead in terms of emerging problems within your industry, and as such pride ourselves on our ability to handle said problems, while allowing your brand to come out at the top smiling.

We are more than capable of taking advantage of the best opportunities and delivering top-class work.