A force to be reckoned with as the business owner of Alushi Models, Shashi will add another business to her list called The Laser Beautique.

The Laser Beautique is at the forefront of the most advanced, cutting edge laser and non-invasive beauty treatments. The industry is something I am very passionate about and I am excited to be a part of this growing franchise, which is helping many address their issues with their personal appearances, without resorting to invasive surgery. Says Naidoo.

Shashi further states: As the brand is developed in South Africa, I am also excited to promote business development and entrepreneurship in the country, whilst creating employment opportunities for many. It also allows me to carry out my vison of being a role model to young girls, who are up and coming power houses, building their own empire.


Celebrities, Influencers, Bloggers, print and online media.


We invited Celebrities, Influencers and Bloggers to come and review various treatments at the Lazer Beautique and get them to share on social media as well as on their blogs or personal websites.

We also extended the invite to print and online media, where various beauty editors came to review treatments at the Lazer Beautique.


Create conversation on social media platforms.

Drive feet to the Lazer Beautique over this period so people can come to the Beautique for treatments